Why Component Playgrounds?

Component Playgrounds is a family-owned business that has been around for the past 38 years. We've been able to serve our customers for that long because of our attention to quality and customer service. You'll have a difficult time finding any company in the country that makes residential swing sets that are as strong and heavy-duty as ours (we've been looking, and still haven't found one!). We make quality that lasts, and our products are built taller, stronger and safer than anyone else.

How long do your swing sets last?

Basically, forever! Our products are built to last, and we have customers that have come back to tell us that they bought one of our swing sets when the company first started back in 1984, and it's still going strong! That's over 38 years old! People initially buy these for their kids, and end up using them for their grandkids too!

What height of swing set should I get?

Ultimately, you can't go wrong with any of our swing sets! But we typically recommend the 8' height if it will primarily be used for younger children (about 12 years and younger). The 10' height is by far our most popular, because while younger kids can use it, it's still big enough for teenagers and adults to enjoy! Our A-Frame swing sets are also available in a 12' height, and at that height, your swing set practically becomes a roller coaster! We usually only recommend this height for teenagers and adults.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

Yes! For our swing set frames (the metal pipe), it's warrantied for as long as you own it! A-Frame Junior Swing Sets have a 5 year warranty. Please see our Limited Warranty page for details and restrictions.

For all other parts, including swing seats, chain, connectors, slides, etc. we offer a 1 year warranty.

Will my swing set rust after a while?

Nope! All the pipe is galvanized inside and out, so you won't have any rust to deal with. When welding your swing set together, the welding actually compromises the galvanization in that specific area, so on all welds we apply a cold galvanizing compound followed by some rust preventative spray paint, which solves the problem there. 

Can I swing with my kid? What's the weight limit of the swing set?

Absolutely! Our swing sets are made for kids of ALL ages! Each swing seat has a 300 lb. weight limit, so it can be fun for the whole family! (A-Frame Junior Swing Sets have a 150 lb. weight limit per swing)

Can I return my swing set?

From the time of order, you will have 4 business days to change or cancel your order for a 100% refund. At that point, your order becomes NON-RETURNABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE. Due to the very complex shipping processes to get these large swing sets to you, this is the best policy we can offer. For more details, please refer to our Return Policy page. But please be assured, you are ordering an extremely high quality swing set that we're sure you're going to be happy with!

Are these swing sets good for kids with special needs?

We love our customers with special needs! Swinging can be very soothing and therapeutic, and we have plenty of customers with family members with special needs that love our swing sets! Due to the extremely high usage of our swing sets in these situations, the Arch Swing Sets are the swing for you! Please also refer to our Limited Warranty page for information regarding regular/expected usage limits.

Can I get my swing set powder-coated?

We are pleased to offer powder-coating on our swing sets. Only the metal frame gets powder coated. This option offers a very clean, professional look to your swing set. Rust won't be an issue with either powder-coating or standard galvanized steel (you can't go wrong either way!). We offer powder coating in Ivy Green (medium/dark green), Sandalwood (Cream/Tan), and Cappuccino (Brown).

Are your swing sets safe?

Component Playgrounds outdoor metal swing sets are sturdy: first-rate design, attention to detail, and heavy-duty materials make our playground equipment the first and best choice of parents nationwide. Each individual swing on every metal swing set we sell is rated to hold 300 pounds (150 pounds for our A-Frame Junior Swing Set)! Component Playgrounds Metal Swing Sets and Playground Equipment meet or exceed current safety standards.

How are your swing sets better than others?

Our swing sets are manufactured using only the best materials. The structure is manufactured using high-quality, heavy-gauge Super 40 galvanized steel. Our steel meets stringent quality and reliability requirements, as well as many steel industry certification standards.

Our pipe has a triple outside diameter coating which includes high purity zinc, a chromate conversion layer, and a new superior clear organic coating. This, combined with a special I.D. coating creates a product that looks good and has the excellent corrosion resistance that you expect. The steel must also pass humidity and salt spray testing from certifying agencies and provides a very high level of customer satisfaction. The structural steel meets or exceeds ASTM F-1043.


How long does shipping take?

Large Items (Swing sets, playground equipment, bike racks, slides, etc.): From the time of order, the approximate lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please note that anything that is powder-coated will take an additional 2 weeks. When you place your order, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule a delivery time. 

Parts or accessories: You can expect to receive your order within approximately 1 week from time of order. You will also receive an email with tracking information once it ships. 

Will Call Orders: Any in-stock will call orders will be ready for pickup within 2 business days from the time of order. Please note that anything powder-coated will take an additional  2 weeks. We will contact you as soon as it's ready for pickup. 

How will my swing set be shipped to me?

Your swing set will be delivered by one of our experienced workers in either a pickup truck or van. The frame consists of individual pieces of pipe (unboxed) and 1-2 boxes containing hardware, chain, seats, etc. We can deliver the swing set to your driveway, garage, or backyard. Please have someone there at time of delivery to let us know where you would like it delivered.

If your order only contains parts & accessories, they will be shipped to you through a company such as USPS, UPS, etc. and usually get to you within a week of the time of order. 


Do these swing sets need to be cemented in?

YES. All of our swing sets have to be cemented into the ground. Without that support, all the extra movement of the swing set will cause too much strain on the welds of the frame and could lead to those welds cracking. Not cementing your swing set into the ground will immediately void the warranty.

Do you offer installation?

We offer installation services for an additional charge to our local customers in Utah. If this is something you're interested in, please give us a call at 877-530-0222.

How much space will my swing set take up?

It depends on which swing set you're getting. For more information, click on the "Dimensions" link on the swing set's product page. 

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